The Ism That Dares Speak Its Name
PARMER at Abrons, New York

The Ism That Dares Speak Its Name was a series of collaborative and public programs that explored the trajectories of the modern woman from the early 20th century through to current iterations in feminist art and political practices. The programs were housed within The Rivoli Pavilion (2011/2015), a string sculpture based on modernist architect Eileen Gray’s "Rivoli" tea table. Amplified to the size of a pavilion, the sculpture collapses the boundaries between interior and exterior, public and private by transforming a domestic object into a public meetinghouse.

Eileen Gray's "Rivoli" tea table

A Discussion, organized in conjunction with Jen Liu, was a four-part discussion series held in the pavilion. Click the link below to access the Reader.
A Discussion Reader